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High Speed Steel Simple PCB Depaneling Cutter Tooling YSVC-1

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●Model YSVC-1S
●Max. PCB cutting length unlimited
●PCB cutting thickness 0.8-3.0mm
●Blade amount up and down 2 circular blades
●PCB cutting mode down circular blade with motor-driven
●PCB cutting speed 0~400mm/s
●Voltage and Power 110/220V   60W
●Cutting machine size :500 * 435 * 345
●Cutting machine weight 20Kg
●Staff allocated one person hold PCB with both hands and feed between the circular blades for cutting , fix position on pre-scored V groove
●workbench optional ( can make different length according to your board )

1 . Max. PCB cutting length is unlimited
2 . The price is very economical
3 . Safety use and easy operation
4 . Blade can be re-grinded to use

●apply to any V-Cut pcb panel
●Optional separating speed , can be adjusted easily.
●The Positioning board can Calibration location before and after to suit for
different V-Cut clearance panel .
●Can be equipped with long platform,exchange platform simply and easily .
●The inner cutting stress lower than the industrial standard 500μ strain ,
avoid tin crack ,deformation etc phenomenon .
●The upper circular blade can be vertically ajusted clearance .
●Blades can be reuse many times through regrind .

1 . Guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different PCB thickness .
2 . Clearance between the circular blades can be precisely adjusted with the knob .
3 . Upper and lower circular blades can be re-used after regrinding .
4 . Shape and sizes of the circular blades can be made according to customer's specifications .