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?FPC to PCB Board Pulse-Heated Soldering Machine/Welding Machine with Pulse Heat

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YSPP-1S Pulse Hot Press

Application: It is suitable for hot-pressing welding process between high density FPC, FFC, PCB and connector.

Features of touch screen pulse hot press:

1. Pulse heating mode, according to different products, heating rate can be set.

2. Unique design of free floating head to ensure the average pressure of products.

3. Equipped with vacuum function, it is more convenient to adjust alignment, double-station rotating and rotating feeding to improve work efficiency.

4. Temperature numerical control, clear and precise, programmable curve including preheating and reflow temperature.

5. With digital display pressure switch, preset pressure range and realize over-voltage protection function.

6. PLC control, 7-inch color touch screen LCD display input, real-time temperature curve display.

7. Chinese menu, all parameter settings are concise and intuitive, and operation is simplified.

8. It has the functions of password protection, system self-check, fault alarm and display.

Specification of Touch Screen Pulse Hot Press:

1) Machine size: 690 *700 *650 mm long/wide/high

2) Working size: 200x260mm

3) Machine weight: 95 kg

4) Working pressure: 0.4-0.8 Mpa

5) Power supply: AC220V + 10% 50HZ, 2000W

6) Temperature setting: two segments

7) Press head output: 1~20Kg

8) Temperature Settings: Room Temperature ~600 C Error (+0.5 C)

9) Hot pressing time: 1~99S (1S adjustable)

10) Hot pressing accuracy: 0.05 mm

11) alignment mode: CCD + LCD

12) Number of fixtures: 2

13) Feeding mode: manual fetching and releasing

14) Start-up mode: two-handed pressing

15) Heating Method: Pulse Heating