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V-cut Pcb Separator Separation Pre-scored PCB without Microstress

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Hydrate Knife (German Cutting PCB Branch) YSVC-2

Product details/features:

1. Touch screen with password protection counting function

2. Full pneumatic control, no noise, solenoid valve control, fast speed

3. Small travel, not easy to damage products and safe operation

4. Allow V-groove to be close to 0.5mm from parts

5. Reduce the internal stress produced by cutting to a relatively low level to avoid tin cracking.

6. Tailoring, suitable for PCB/Aluminum Substrate of various thicknesses

7. Segmentable parts with high V-groove edge are 70mm

8. The distance between upper and lower cutters can be adjusted accurately to avoid tool wear due to the different depth of V groove.

Equipment parameters:

1. Shape size (mm): 620 x 230 x 400

2. Usage Voltage (V): 110/220

3. Large parting length (mm): 330

4. Machine weight (kg): 170

5. Plate thickness (mm): 0.1-3.5

6. Working Pressure (Mpa): 0.5-0.7