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Hand PCB Pneumatic Nibbler Cutting Tool for Slitting PCB Connection Points

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Cutter distributor-ysv-1a manual

Machine features:

PCB does not move and knife slips during the cutting process to ensure that the electronic components of the base plate are not damaged by movement.

The height of the front and back desks can be adjusted in parallel, and the back desks can be adjusted to make the baseboard slide away.

Four optional splitting speed is set by the control board rotation and torsion. The splitting stroke can be set freely and displayed by LCD.

The distance between the upper circular knife and the lower straight knife can be adjusted accurately according to the depth of V groove and tool wear.

Reduce the internal stress produced during cutting to avoid tin cracking

It can solve the problem of parts crossing V groove to realize plate splitting.

Three groups of safety optoelectronics and upper knife safety protection workers

Machine specifications:

(1) Machine size (length * width * height) 460x780x560mm

(2) Machine weight 55kg

(3) Maximum parting length 460 mm

(4) Voltage 220VAC

(5) board splitting speed 100 / 200 / 300 / 500 / S

(6) Plate thickness 0.6-3.5mm