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Ultra-low humidity moisture-proof box YS-188

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Electronic moisture-proof box YS-188 ultra-low humidity moisture-proof cabinet IC chip anti-static anti-oxidation drying cabinet


1. Powerful movement: fast humidity control, minimum humidity control ≤ 5% R or less.

2. Power-off and moisture-proof: With automatic power-saving and moisture absorption function, there is a certain moisture-proof function in power failure. Wet bottom rises within 24 hours after power failure <10% RH

3. Normal temperature dehumidification: power saving, no heat, no dust, no dripping, silent operation.

4. Long service life: no need to replace dry materials for repeated use, micro-mechanical airtight valve switch intake and exhaust control. Intelligent fully automatic low fault fixed point control.

5. No safety hazard: The movement uses two-stage power supply, one group absorbs moisture and the other group drains moisture. Avoid large voltages that cause tripping.

working principle:

Memory alloy molecular sieve physical adsorption dehumidification:

The dehumidification controller is provided with a top and bottom rotary flap door, and a pair of upper and lower inner and outer (for the cabinet) each have a pair of moisture absorbing moisture, and a special moisture absorbing material (molecular sieve) is attached therein. When the moisture is absorbed, the loose-leaf door is opened inward, and the moisture-absorbing material absorbs the moisture in the cabinet from the moisture-absorbing window, so that the humidity in the cabinet is lowered, and when the moisture is discharged, the moisture-absorbing material is heated and regenerated, and the shutter is turned to open the moisture window outside the cabinet to remove the moisture.

The moisture absorption and tidal cycle work is realized by the program time controller until the set value is reached in the cabinet. The controller automatically cuts off the power because it does not need to be energized during the moisture absorption. The moisture absorption time is long (about 2.5 hours). Short power-on time (about 30 minutes)