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Pre-scored Automatic PCB Depaneling Machine with Large LCD Display

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Pre-scored Automatic PCB Depaneling Machine with Large LCD Display Specification:

Power :AC 110 / 220 V 50 / 60HZ
Dimension :780 × 400 × 450mm
Blade Route :430mm / Max
Blade Speed :500mm / sec
Down- Blade Size :500 mm

Cutting length :460mm

Machine Weight :120kg

Machine size : 1080*860*6650 mm


After soldering the plate of connecting pieces , it often hurts lines or breaks the electronic parts when breaking . This machine cuts with feed mode to reduce stress drastically , prevent the solder joint and parts from cracking and improve the productivity and quality .
With circle knife above and anvil blade below , when the board flow to the anvil blade , shift the switch , and the anvil blade move laterally tto he set point , then the PCB board is cut off with smooth incision and no burrs .
The forward and stop point can be set according to the plate length when feeding , the stop point for artificial setting .
The tailgate depth range : unlimited . The largest plate cutting width : unlimited , the maximum cutting length : 500mm , the plate thickness: 0.2-5.0mm . The  thickness between V groove: 0.25-2.0mm .
The upper and lower knives is made of imported high-speed steel material, which are durable and can be regrinded .
The machine can be in supporting use of a complete set of conveyor belt , which is convenient for the cut PCB to be send out automatically .
The feed distance of the knife wheel is from 0 to 500mm ( the tool length can be customized ) . The height of the knife wheel is fine-tuning from 0 to 2mm so that it is suitable for PCB of various kinds of thickness and the depth of V-CUT  groove . The height of work station is regulable from 0 to 50mm .

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